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Friday, 11 December 2015

Properties in Kenya – Should You Consider Purchasing One

Properties tend fall into the love them or hate them position for buyers. Here’s primer on properties.


Apartments are all about communal living, which can be good or bad depending upon your personal views. This type of communal living doesn’t refer to the failed experiments of the sixties wherein hippies packed into a structure and shared everything. Instead, the modern Apartment community is all about sharing common spaces as well as rules, rules and more rules.

Apartments come in all shapes and forms. Apartments can be found in a single high rise building in a downtown area or in an apartment complex type of layout in a planned community. The structure isn’t the determining point. Instead, the issue is how the properties are owned.

Unlike a stand-alone home, the property lines on an apartment are the walls of the structure. Essentially, you own everything inside the Apartment as your individual property. Everything outside the apartment is owned jointly with the people who own the other units. These areas are known as common areas and are subject to group rule.

Every apartment has a homeowners association in one form or another. The association has rules set out by the original developer regarding landscaping and so on. Members of the community are then elected to the board of the association, whereupon the immediately become a focal point of aggravation from individual owners and often wonder why they took the thankless job.

The problem with the association and apartments in general is the issue of uniformity. If you desire to change the exterior of your apartment in some way, you must comply with the rules of the association. This means you cannot paint your property a different color, do landscaping and so on. For some people, this isn’t a problem, but others are frustrated they can’t express themselves.

When deciding whether an apartment is a good option for your next purchase, you need to carefully weigh the restrictions of a particular association. If you consider yourself an individual and want to show it, an Apartment is probably a very poor choice for you.