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Monday, 22 June 2015

Kenyans File Changes of Address Online-And Select Retail Catalogs

Here's moving news: According to the Kenya National Association of Realtors, "home sales remain at historically high levels." This means address changes filed with the Kenya Postal Service will likely also remain high: about 5 million a year, Postal Service officials report. 

If you'll be among those moving Kenyans anytime soon, you should know that many consider the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to file a change of address is with the Kenya Postal Service at GPO Other change-of-address options include Telephone Change of Address at +254 and the Mover's Guide found in Kenya Post Offices.

In addition to letters, statements and advertising mail, many movers want to make sure they keep getting their favorite catalogs at their new home. For them, there's the optional Catalog Request Card Service that is available online with the Change of Address form.

After customers complete the Internet Change of Address form, they can select specific retail catalogs-current or new-or choose "No Thanks." 

Since the program's inception last fall, participants have chosen to receive an average of six retail catalogs after they move. And most of these are catalogs they were not previously getting. Evidence, Postal Service officials say, that more and more people are going for shopping via the mail. 

"We're providing this service so that people can have their favorite catalogs on hand when they're needed most, to organize their homes quickly and easily when it's convenient for them," explained one of the top officials in the Kenya postal and telecommunication sector.

 The Postal Service, which gets no taxpayer shillings for routine operations, is an independent national agency that delivers more than 40 percent of the Nation’s mail volume-some 3 million letters, advertisements, periodicals and packages a year-and visits several homes and businesses almost every week. It's the Nation's leading provider of mailing and delivery services, offering some of the most affordable postage rates in the nation. 

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